Thursday, November 17, 2011

Language Wars

A short list of ubiquitous language tics that make me crazy.


"My eyes literally popped out of my head when I saw his outfit."

Your eyes figuratively popped out of your head. If they had literally popped out of your head it would be a medical emergency. Stop using the opposite of the word "figuratively" to mean "figuratively."


"We had a meeting around upgrading our accounting software."

No you didn't. You had a meeting around a table. You didn't sit in a circle surrounding a physical manifestation of the idea of "upgrading our accounting software." You didn't have a meeting a block from "upgrading our accounting software." The word "around" is an adverb or preposition that describes your physical proximity relative to a THING.


"What a gutty performance by LeBron tonight."

Either you meant "gutsy" or you are an Irish person colloquially referring to a street urchin who lives in the "gutter." Gutty is not a word.

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