Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Flavor of the Rhythm I Wrote

Here's a rundown of some of my recent writing on Vice Magazine's Thump sub-site.  I started a cooking column, wherein DJs from across the globe tell me how to make their favorite recipes.  Since DJs often cross into the restaurant and hospitality business as they get older - I've been able to recruit a number of restaurateurs and cook-book writers.  The rest are just professional foodies.  So far so good.

I have a few non-food related articles too, including an interview with the guy who did the legendary mixtape drop "Damn Son, Where'd You Find This?"

Cooking With The DJ: Halifax Donair With Rhek
Cooking With The DJ: The Hood Internet's Steve Reidell
Cooking With The DJ: Linguine and Slim Jims with Frankie Banks

With New Immigration Fees, Touring DJs Aren't Welcome in Canada 
Meet The Voice of "Damn Son, Where'd You Find This?"