Thursday, December 14, 2006

Keith Thornton, meet Sergei Winogradsky

The purpose of this blog is to talk about ecology and environmental issues, specifically science without being dry, ominous, obscure or didactic (if possible). The reason for trying to make a blog like this is fairly simple- the ecology is so fucked up in the game that people are actually starting to care. Ecologically sensitive products are marketable all of a sudden. People actually express concern about global climate change in casual conversation. Unfortunately, I don't think that very many people really understand how environmental phonomena and problems work from a scientific standpoint. Furthermore, I don't think people know where to go in order to learn about such things, because most environment-related reporting is fucking boring to most people.

I'm not an "expert" in science matters in a genuine sense, I have a BS in biology and studied mostly ecosystem ecology. Frankly, I think that could be an advantage in communicating with people who either have concerns or may be prone to having concerns, if they knew what anybody was talking about. I usually write for an extremely irreverant blog called Just Sayin. I write about football, rap music, Philadelphia politics and my DJ career- so I'm not exactly in an ivory tower. I'm going against the grain of the internet (or perhaps our current society in general) by attempting to be un-ironic here, because irony is for fucking ass muppets.

This site will probably start out rather slow, but I'll try to tend to it on a semi-regular basis. More later.

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